Control Architectures of Robots 2012   

7th National Conference on
“Control Architectures of Robots”

   May 10-11, 2012 - Nancy, FRANCE


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Venue and location Title

Conference Location

The conference will stand at Inria Nancy Grand Est / LORIA Lab. located at Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy, at 10 min from Nancy station by bus or tram.
Nancy is the main academic city of Lorraine (41,000 students) and the second of east of France.

Conference address :

  • Inria/LORIA Lab., in the C005 Room
  • 615 rue de Jardin Botanique, 54603 Villers-les-Nancy

Travel Information

By train to Nancy Station : sncf

  • 1h30 from Paris (TGV)
  • 4h00 from Lyon

By train to Lorraine TGV (30km from Nancy): sncf

  • 2h20 from Lille (TGV)
  • 4h13 from Rennes (TGV)
  • 5h23 from Bordeaux (TGV)

By plane to Nancy :

By tramway/bus in Nancy : http://www.reseau-stan.com/

  • Tramway (the single line): towards Vandoeuvre, stop at Callot station (entrance of the Campus) and walk on top of the campus to LORIA/INRIA (5 min)
  • Bus from Nancy station : Stan Campus, towards Vandoeuvre, stop at Grande Corvee (entrance of LORIA/INRIA)
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