Control Architectures of Robots 2012   

7th National Conference on
“Control Architectures of Robots”

   May 10-11, 2012 - Nancy, FRANCE


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Presentations and Papers Title

10th May 2012

Title: Cooperative On-line Object Detection using Multi-Robot Formation

Authors: J.M. Vilca, L. Adouane, Y. Mezouar (Institut Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand)

Title: On Fleet Size Optimization for Multi-Robot Frontier-Based Exploration

Authors: N. bouraqadi, L. Fabresse, A. Doniec (Mines de Douai, Univ. Lille Nord)

Title: Knowledge Base for Planning, Execution and Plan Repair

Authors: T. Gateau, G. Severac, C. Lesire, M. Barbier, E. Bensana (Onera, Toulouse)

Title: A resource-agents robot control architecture: design and formalization

Authors: A. Degroote, S. Lacroix (LAAS, Toulouse)

Title: Upgrading the ContrACT Scheduler with Useful Mechanisms for Dependability Real-Time System

Authors: B. Brun, D. Andreu, R. Passama (LIRMM, Montpellier)

Title: Fault Tolerance in Control Architectures for Mobile Robots: Fantasy or Reality?

Authors: D. Crestani, K. Godary-Dejean (LIRMM, Montpellier)

11th May 2012

Title: From the decoding of cortical activities to the control of a JACO robotic arm: a whole processing chain

Authors: L. Bougrain, O. Rochel, O. Boussaton, L. Havet (LORIA, Nancy)

Title: Experimental Setup for Human Aware Navigation

Authors: A. Escobedo, A. Spalanzani, C. Laugier (eMotion INRIA Rhone-Alpes UPMF LIG, Grenoble)

Title: The kidnapping Problem of Mobile Robots: A Set Membership Approach

Authors: R. Guyonneau, S. Lagrange, L. Hardouin, P. Lucidarme (LISA Université d'Angers)

Title: Robotics Youth Challenge

Authors: S. Dhouib, D. Follio, A. Fonte, L. Josserand, G. Mourioux, N. Morette, C. Novales, P. Vieyres (CEA-List Saclay, Prisme Polytech Orléans, XLIM Limoges

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